D90 Process

Turnco’s D90 process helps reduce non-productive time (NPT) with customizable drilling data insights. D90 incorporates drilling requirements and leverages an online portal to manage and optimize your drilling tool reliability. Completely customizable for your specifications, D90 grants control of the inspection process and provides real-time, cradle to grave tool data – plus digital safeguards to ensure standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are met. The best part: no up charge – D90 is entirely data-and-cost neutral.

D90 Highlights

  • D90 process reduces NPT
  • Cradle-to-Grave tool data
  • Instantly ID unreliable tools
  • Ensures SOP are followed
D90 Proces | Turnco

“We saw an initial surge in performance after implementing D90. And we’re using big data analytics for holistic process improvement and to maximize tool life.”

– Operator in the Permian Basin

D90 Proces | Turnco

D90 Process Innovations.

One process. Complete control. The D90 Process is designed to improve drilling performance with one game-changing process.

D90 Proces | Turnco

Decrease NPT

Predict failures and reduce NPT through the D90 process.

D90 Proces | Turnco

Compare performance

Analyze products, vendors, failures, and compare to industry averages.

D90 Proces | Turnco

Cost-neutral product

D90 is a cost-neutral value-add included in the drilling process.

D90 Proces | Turnco

Process improvements from data insights

Proactively identify issues and improve drilling practices.

D90 Proces | Turnco


Control the inspection process, ensuring you receive the right tool for your drilling requirements.

D90 Proces | Turnco

Quick wins and lifetime value

Instant improvement with implementation, backed by big data insights for greater efficiencies.

D90 Value: One Portal, Every Insight.

Leveraging our BRITE™ software, D90’s online portal gives operators the visibility, control, and analytical view of tool history and performance in real time.

D90 Proces | Turnco
D90 Proces | Turnco

D90 Visibility:
Quality control and accuracy

  • More efficient, accurate inspection data
  • View tool history, inspection tickets, and more
  • Real-time, cradle to grave tool data
D90 Proces | Turnco

D90 Control:
Reduce risks and costs

  • Control 3rd party relations & inspection process
  • Data neutral, with all parties under one platform
  • Compare products, vendors, regions with industry averages
D90 Proces | Turnco

D90 Analytics:
Minimize NPT with no additional costs

  • Access tool data from any device
  • Identify unreliable equipment – never pay for damaged tools
  • Reduce NPT and predict tool life with historic data
D90 Proces | Turnco

D90 Benefits for Suppliers

D90 empowers all parties. Operators gain instant feedback to tool health. And now, suppliers can prove of their adherence to industry mandates and operator’s drilling plan requirements.

  • Easy to Use: at most, the process takes two minutes to log data, with some individual uses requiring only seconds.
  • Avoid damage disputes: protects your tools and proves your performance.
  • Protected by metrics: data validates reliability of supplier equipment.

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