Turnco Founders/Culture

In 2010, Turnco was founded by Cody Turner and Lonnie Smith, two partners driven to provide the industry’s best inspection services. With backgrounds in oil and gas and information technology, the founders leveraged their IT knowledge and experience to form a new type of inspection company. From day one, Turnco focused on innovating technologies that delivered greater efficiencies and accuracy for inspection services, bringing inspections into the digital age.

Turnco Highlights

  • Turnco founded by Cody Turner and Lonnie Smith
  • Bridging IT expertise & inspections
  • More accurate, efficient inspections
  • Moving inspections into the digital age
  • ISO and API quality standards

“For me, it’s all about the data. I want as much insight into my tools as possible – not just drilling hours and repairs, but custom metrics. The data that matters most to my company. And Turnco delivers just that, all digitized.”

– Operator in the Marcellus Shale Play

Turnco Founders | Turnco

Inspection Innovators

Lonnie Smith and Cody Turner’s backgrounds with Schlumberger and Baker Hughes gives them the experience and knowledge to identify the needs and challenges facing the largest operators and manufactures in the Oil and Gas space. This knowledge of offshore and land experience has enabled them to create industry innovations while delivering the highest level quality products.

Turnco is built for the largest companies in mind with ISO and API quality standards at its core. We are equipped with the strictest Safety and Quality protocols to ensure the highest most reliable set of deliverables for the largest operators and the most mission critical deep water projects.