Inspection Careers

It is Turnco’s goal that employees have careers not jobs. We look for long term relationships with our employees that feel more like family and not like a number. We believe in education and strive to develop our employees for the long term. Employees are treated with respect and dignity. They are empowered to make decisions on their own for the best of their customers as well as themselves. They are provided with a full benefits plan including major medical, 401k, Life Insurance, and Disability.

Career Highlights

  • 401K, Life Insurance, and Disability
  • Learn cutting-edge drilling tech
  • Use big data in drilling
  • Work across the globe
  • Join the most innovative inspection company

“I feel like I’m doing much more than tool inspections here. With B.R.I.T.E. and the D90 process, I’m tapping into deep data analytics to find new ways to improve drill plans and performance.”

– Turnco Field Engineer