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Turnco combines innovative technology solutions with expert field engineers to deliver quality assurance processes for downhole drilling plans. Through our innovative B.R.I.T.E. system and game-changing D90 Process, Turnco brings greater operating efficiencies, enhanced safety and tool reliability to drilling operations, and inspection services. By leveraging real-time, cradle-to-grave tool data, Turnco helps to streamline operator drill processes, increase efficiencies,  and minimize downtime.

Why Turnco?

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Turnco - D90 PROCESS

D90 Process

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B.R.I.T.E. System

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D90 Proces | Turnco

Turnco’s D90 process leverages an online portal to manage and optimize your drilling tool quality. Aligning real-time, cradle to grave tool data with your customized quality plan, the D90 process proactively identifies issues and improves drilling practices and performance at no additional cost.

  • Improve drilling practices and efficiencies with tool data
  • Decrease non productive time (NPT) by predicting and preventing tool failures
  • Compare product, vendor, and region data to industry averages

What's New at Turnco?

D90 Proces | Turnco
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D90 Proces | Turnco
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