About Turnco Inspections

Turnco is a drill pipe inspection company and predictive drilling expert dedicated to innovation and continually advancing the quality of drilling tool and inspection technologies. We bring a host of “firsts” to the industry that revolutionize the inspection process, like B.R.I.T.E. and the D90 Process. We are the first inspection company to create an online technology system for the inspection process, the first to develop a real-time online portal for cradle to grave tool data, and the first inspection company in the industry to be ISO certified.

Our services and expertise are put to the test every day on downhole drilling tools for clients in the oil and gas industry to help maximize uptime, reduce non-productive time, and continually improve drill plans with data-driven improvements.

Turnco Highlights

  • Advancing the quality of drilling tool & inspection technologies
  • Industry first: B.R.I.T.E. Platform
  • Cradle to grave tool data
  • First ISO-Certified inspection company
  • D90 process reduces NPT

Training profiles, certifications, and test scores of Turnco employees are available on our B.R.I.T.E. system.

Predictive Drilling | Turnco

Drill Pipe Inspection Company

Quality inspections start with having quality people. To ensure you benefit from high quality field engineers, Turnco employs a rigorous pre-screening process and provides ongoing internal training and testing. This ensures each Turnco employee has:

  • Met all ASNT standards for certification for a drill pipe inspection company
  • Passed background and drug tests
  • Continued educational and industry-specific tests
  • Undergone hands-on training through Turnco’s Eclipse training program with 24/7 Learning Management System

Safety at Turnco

Wherever our drill pipe inspection company operates, safety is always our first priority. Turnco employees undergo numerous training courses to preserve our high safety record:

  • Safety Training program – initial training and monthly safety courses
  • PPE training – at every worksite, Turnco field engineers wear all necessary PPE
  • Turnco’s Safety Training Program (TSTP) – ensures every employee has the knowledge to be safe and compliant with OSHA regulations
  • Turnco’s Drive Smart Program (TDSP) – covers everything from driving basics to driving in hazardous environments

But Turnco’s Safety Assessment Team (TSAT) is the key to our outstanding safety goals. TSAT members are CPR/First Aid Certified and located on-site to ensure the worksite is hazard-free and to perform daily safety huddles. TSAT also audits each employee on-location to ensure the safest working environment.

Predictive Drilling | Turnco