Additional Services

To further support our customers and their operations, Turnco is continually looking at ways to expand our services that are in-line with our high quality standards. To that point, we offer value-added services that include thread improvement and third party monitoring services where we offer site evaluations and tool data insights. As we continue to innovate, Turnco will develop more quality-driven services that help our customers meet their objectives safely and efficiently.

Services Highlights

  • Value-adds like quality department and third-party monitoring
  • Site evaluations and tool data insights
  • Thread improvement for equipment
  • Quality department ensures SOP are met
  • D90 process for big drilling data

“I knew we had to change something. We had Turnco’s quality department out to our site, and they had a lot of great process improvements that aligned with our drilling plan, plus the data to back it up.”

– Operator in the Marcellus Shale Play

Thread Improvement Services | Turnco

Thread Improvement Services

Turnco provides premium threading and thread improvement for oilfield equipment. Equipped with the highest-grade CNC technology, we perform threading services for all oilfield equipment threads. We offer the capabilities to cut API/ACME threading on all size equipment from 1 11/16” OD through 12 ½” OD and can machine material such as aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel as well as 4130 & 4330 steel alloys, inconel, monel, and kovar. Our highly trained and qualified machinists work with both API as well as proprietary ACME thread and remove the minimum amount necessary to ensure full repair and maintain the life of the parts. All tools are barcoded and tracked in our B.R.I.T.E. software system, which allows clients to check on any part at any time as it travels through our facility through a simple online login access. Currently, Turnco is in the process of obtaining API Spec 7 certification.

Third Party Monitoring

With third party monitoring services, Turnco is bringing quality assurance straight to operators’ drilling sites. With third party monitoring, Turnco deploys our quality department to your worksite to evaluate tool quality and ensure the drill plan is followed. Our quality department can provide insight into tool inspection history and performance. And if you’re engaged with our D90 Process, our quality department can provide deep data insights and process improvements for your drilling practices.

Turnco - Third Party Monitoring